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KS-5551 Direction Finder

Wide coverage from intermediate wave up to 50 MHz band

Detection over a wide range
KS-5551 is an omni-directional automatic Direction Finder to cover intermediate wave band and frequencies in 27, 40 and 50MHz bands.
Comfortable operability
Comfortable operability with rotary knobs for fine adjustment, numerical keypad for number input, and dedicated keys for functional setting.
High luminance LED dial
3 digit numerical display on the liquid crystal panel indicates bearing by one degree step. LED lamps arranged in a circular pattern by 10 degree step provides visual indication of bearing.
Main Specifications
Receiving frequency range (1) 1.0000 MHz to 1.9999 MHz
(2) 2.0000 MHz to 2.8000 MHz
(3) 26.0000 MHz to 26.9999 MHz
(4) 27.0000 MHz to 27.9999 MHz
(5) 35.5000 MHz to 39.9999 MHz
(6) 40.0000 MHz to 44.0000 MHz
(7) 50.0000 MHz to 51.9999 MHz
(8) 52.0000 MHz to 54.0000 MHz
Spot reception 100 channels
Dimensions 173(H) x 267(W) x 254(D) mm
Weight 4.0 kg
Power supply 21.6 to 31.2 VDC
Please contact Koden

or your nearest distributor.
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