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Koden supports Mr. Kojiro Shiraishi, participant in VELUX 5 OCEANS, the solo round-the-world yacht race.
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Koden in the Spirit of Yukoh

The Spirit of Yukoh, Mr. Kojiro Shiraishi's yacht, is equipped with the latest marine electronics products by Koden.

The interior of the Spirit of Yukoh

Koden marine electronics products traveled the world's oceans together with Mr. Shiraishi during the Around Alone 2002. Our products excelled, providing him with accurate readings on present positions and shipping routes despite the harsh environment. This performance earned high marks because of its contribution to the round-the-world journey. Again, in VELUX 5 OCEANS, Kodenís cutting-edge marine electronics products helped Mr. Shiraishi complete a safe journey, finishing in a stunning second place.

Details of the latest Koden marine electronics products that were mounted on the Spirit of Yukoh

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VELUX 5 OCEANS is considered the toughest of the solo round-the-world yacht races. In October 2006, skippers left Bilbao, Spain to compete three legs, passing Fremantle, Australia, and Norfolk, Virginia in the United States, before returning to Bilbao.
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Mr. Shiraishi and Koden

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Jun. 19, 2007
May. 30, 2007
May. 8, 2007
Jan. 29, 2007
Oct. 17, 2006

Mr. Shiraishi's Profile

Mr. Shiraishi
Kojiro Shiraishi Official Website
Journey to VELUX 5 OCEANS

1967 Born in Tokyo
1986 Became apprentice to Yukoh Tada, winner of the 1st BOC Challenge (the precursor of VELUX 5 OCEANS)
1991 Sailed the Pacific from Sydney, Australia to Izu, Japan.
1994 Became the youngest sailor ever to single-handedly sail around the world non-stop
2002 Participated in the Around Alone 2002, the solo round-the-world race (the precursor of VELUX 5 OCEANS)
2003 Finished 4th in the 235-day race of about 52,000 km.
2006 Participated in VELUX 5 OCEANS, the solo round-the-world race.
2007 Finished second overall in the solo round-the-world race, VELUX 5 OCEANS!
The Spirit of Yukoh