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Welcome home, Mr. Shiraishi (May. 14, 2007)

 “Welcome home!” in front of exhibits of past Spirit Of Yukoh models.
Welcome back, Mr. Shiraishi, from your long journey across the high seas.
And congratulations on finishing second.
All of our employees, including those in Japan as well as our staff who serviced the equipment at your ports of call, feel as if we have completed the race with you.

Send-off Messages for Mr. Shiraishi (Oct. 13, 2006)

Koden employees display their messages in front of successive models of the Spirit of Yukoh being exhibited at the Company.
Koden’s relationship with Mr. Shiraishi extends all the way back to 1986.
(In fact, years ago, there was a time when Mr. Shiraishi used to work at Koden.)
All Koden employees who knew the “young Mr. Shiraishi” send him their heartiest support from Japan.
We wish Mr. Shiraishi all the best in completing the race with top priority on his personal safety and, if possible, a good finish.
Bon voyage!