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From Mr. Shiraishi to Koden (May. 30, 2007)

We have received a report from Spain on the conclusion of the race.
(This video message is in Japanese)

Hello to everyone at Koden, it's Kojiro Shiraishi here.
The race has finally come to an end, with the awards ceremony taking place yesterday. I am both delighted and honored to have finished in second place. This would not have been possible without your support, and I hope everybody feels that they share in my achievement.

Koden marine electronics products worked wonderfully, without ever letting me down. I am really impressed with their performance. I used Koden marine electronics products throughout the race, and I never experienced any problems at all. Trouble-free operation is absolutely critical in a round-the-world race and was key to my performance. The sensitivity of Koden's radar is so outstanding that it helped me pass safely through waters congested with yachts.

Koden marine electronics products were used by other skippers who did well in the race, and they all had very positive reports. That is quite something, and I was delighted to hear it.

I'll be dropping by soon to thank you in person, but for now, a quick note to say that I have completed the race without incident, thanks to you all. Thank you very much.

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