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ESR-14510.4 inch color sonar

Affordable professional sonar! Compact design for easy installation


Easy to install both Display unit and Hull unit

Clear color LCD screen. ESR-145 is easy to handle and can be installed anywhere. The flush-mount installation can be screwed from the four corners of the back side. The Hull unit and Transducer unit are small and lightweight, and easy to carry and install.

High speed turning beam

The high-speed searchlight Sonar achieves the high-speed turning. It reduces the search time, prevents search omissions, and helps improve operational efficiency.

Equipped with stabilizer function as standard

The Echo Sounder performance is improved by automatically correcting the direction of the Transducer unit due to the pitch and roll of the ship, and a higher-class function is standard equipment.

Easy operation

Set with the rotary knob and operate with the function key. The operating system has realized easy operation.

Target lock function

By setting the function, the rotary direction and tilt angle are automatically changed according to the movement of the target school of fish, and the school of fish is always displayed on the screen.

Convenient ring markers and cross cursors

The distance to the school of fish can be measured accurately with the ring marker, and the distance to the target and the direction can be measured accurately with the crosshair cursor.

Hull unit auto up function

By setting the ship speed in advance, the Transducer unit is automatically retracted when the ship speed exceeds the set value, and damage accidents can be prevented. (Data input from the external navigator is required.)


Main Specifications

Presentation colors8 colors
Basic ranges0 to 10 to 300 (m)
0 to 10 to 200 (I.fm)
(selectable from 20 types)
Dimensions322(H) x 322(W) x 160(D) mm
Weight6.0 kg
Power supply21.6 to 31.2 VDC
sector angles
Sonar mode
Bottom scan mode
Tilt angle5° to 0° to -90°(1°step)
Output power (RMS)800 W
Output frequency220 kHz
TD Stroke120 to 200 mm
Dimensions1,701(H) x 258(W) x 230(D) mm
Weight17.0 kg
Power supply21.6 to 31.2 VDC
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