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Warning of Counterfeits - Drilling Monitor

September 20, 2019

In Southeast Asian countries, counterfeits that imitate “KODEN” branded Drilling Monitor products, have been found to be on the market. The counterfeits have on them, the trade name of Koden and/or Koden’s trademark without being licensed by Koden to use them.

Please be notified that Koden cannot and will not accept any claim to refund, replacement or service in terms of such counterfeits.

Please note that the quality of the counterfeits is poor by Koden’s standard and might bring accidents or inconveniences causing damage or harm. A purchaser who is not sure of a product is kindly requested to contact a dealer authorized by Koden in your region or Koden directly.

Koden is collecting further information of the counterfeits and may take legal action against all parties involved in manufacturing, marketing and/or selling counterfeits.

If a purchaser wishes Koden to tell whether or not the product bought is Koden’s products, please send pictures of the product as well as any other details of the product including the serial number to the following email address:

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