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CVG-200 10.4-inch Color LCD Plotter Sounder

All echo sounder and chart plotter functions in one display!

C-Map NT MAX compatible
Output for external monitor (VGA) is available
Parallel line drawing function
Dedicated keys for all frequently used functions insure ease of operation
Track color variation on water depth and water temperature
The depth or temperature of water can be recorded with marks
Main Specifications
CVG-200 Plotter Sounder
Output power 600 W or 1 kW
Frequency Dual 50/200 kHz
Depth ranges 5 to 1200 (Meter / Fathom / Italian Fathom)
10 to 4000 (Feet)
Memory &
Storage capability
Track: 2000, 4000, 7000 x 7 blocks
Mark (waypoint): 8300 points
Route: 50 routes with 50 points
Chart C-Map NT / NT+ / NT MAX
Data card C-Map User C-Card
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