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MDC-2900P Series 19-inch Color LCD / Black Box Marine Radar

Fully comply with the IMO regulation MSC192(79) and meet the SOLAS carriage requirements for ships up to 10,000 gross tons.
Full ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) functions including trial manoeuvre are added.

TT (ARPA) function with up to 60 targets as standard
The convenient TT (ARPA) function comes as standard. The latest movements of other vessels can be represented instantaneously in vector forms and numeric forms, ensuring safe navigation.
Non ARPA type is available.
SSP™(Strong Signal Processing)
Our signal processing technology provides superior target discrimination for a steady image of unstable targets. It ensures that even small targets are constantly displayed.
True trail function
The display exactly shows the movement of other vessels like drawing tails, while land and buoys are shown as stationary objects even while your vessel is moving. This makes it easy for you to distinguish moving targets from stationary objects.
AIS interface with up to 254 targets as standard
When connected with an AIS receiver, the radar displays information such as the vessel name, bow direction, and speed of each vessel with an AIS transmitter mounted.
CFAR function for automatic gain control
CFAR(Constant False Alarm Rate) function is employed with
semi-automatic clutter suppression. In comparison with conventional sea and rain clutter controls, it ensures that only the sea-clutter and clouds will disappear, while the targets will always remain on the screen.
Easy operation by using track ball and well-arranged keyboard
The radar has an independent operation unit, designed for easy access to all system functions. Trackball control with two-color LED lamp for quick-operation day or night.
Black Box
Black Box type is also available to be fitted with IMO approved owner-supplied monitor from Hatteland (JH19T14MMD-DA1-AOBA) and North Invent (SL190-01.MON.03-0001 or SL150-01.MON.03-0001.)
Screen image
MDC-2900 Photo2   MDC-2900 Photo1   MDC-2900 Photo3   MDC-2900 Photo4  
TT (ARPA) function
True trail function
AIS interface
CFAR function
Main Specifications
MDC-2900 Series
MDC-2910P / MDC-2910PBB 12 kW / 72 nm / 4 or 6 or 9 ft Open
MDC-2920P / MDC-2920PBB 25 kW / 96 nm / 4 or 6 or 9 ft Open
Dimensions 374(H) x 450(W) x 277(D) mm (Display unit)
320(H) x 320(W) x 122(D) mm (Processor unit)
141(H) x 385(W) x 64(D) mm (Operation unit)
Weight 15 kg (Display unit)
5.1kg (Processor unit)
1.8 kg (Operation unit)
Power supply 21.6 to 41.6 VDC
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