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CVR-010 5.7-inch Color LCD Navigational Echo Sounder

Meets IMO Standard MSC.74 (69) Annex 4 and EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED)
High Accuracy and Reliability
Automatic control for the receiver gain and TVG levels
Sounding Data Storage for last 12 hours
Password Protection for keeping the menu settings
Main Specifications
Main functions Noise reduction, LOG DATA, White line, VRM, Transducer location
Depth reference, Draft, Date/Time, LAT/LON
Basic ranges 5 to 800 (m)
2.5 to 400 (fm)
20 to 4000 (ft)
Output power (RMS) 600 W
Transducer (1) TGM 60-50-20L (TD-26/20L)
(2) TGM 80-200-20L (TD-65/20L)
Output frequency (1) 50 kHz
(2) 200 kHz
Water protection n / a
Dimensions 218 (H) × 248 (W) ×103 (D) mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Power supply 24 VDC (11 to 40 VDC)
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