What's DM?

●DM : Drilling Monitor

Do you know what to do when constructing a tall building such as skyscraper or highrise condominiums?
First excavate the ground, pour concrete into the hole, and make a base foundation.
After this work, full-scale construction will begin.
When excavating a hole, the accurate measurement of the hole inclination, the hole depth and the hole surface by using ultrasonic is necessary. DM is used for the measurement.

<Why ultrasonic?>

One of the drilling processes is to inject water mixed with a slurry (Bentonite, Polymer, etc.) to prevent collapsing of wall surface.

This cannot be measured using radar, infrared, CCD camera, etc.
For the reason, ultrasonic is used for the measurement.


What's KODEN


Utilization site of DM


Track record

What's KODEN DM-604RR?


This is the ultrasonic drilling monitor made by using our echo sounder technology of a marine Electronics products.
By hoisting and lowering an ultrasonic sensor with a wire, it is possible to accurately measure an excavation depth and acquire a clear records even in muddy water, high density and high specific gravity, which was considered difficult in the conventional machine.
It also supports various information such as depth scale, time data, depth mark and hole wall diameter marks on the recording paper, and provides easy-to-understand data.
Moreover, it can also output from a dedicated port* provided in the recorder to an external PC.
DM supports your activities from a wide range of situations.

*RS-232C port

Utilization site of DM

●Where is it used?

DM-604R is used in civil engineering and construction sites around the world, and contributes greatly to the high quality, reducing of construction time and cost.
Recently we have been involved in the construction of 〈TOKYO SKYTREE〉* of world's tallest free-standing broadcasting tower.
Speaking of "Drilling Monitor", it is called "KODEN" and has been enjoying a worldwide reputation.

*It is a radio tower for broadcasting located in Tokyo.
The No.1 world top position as a standalone tower at the time of completion.(634 m)
There is also an observation platform popular as a sightseeing spot in Tokyo.

-Used at main construction site-

  • Skyscraper
  • Condominium
  • Hotel
  • Subway station building
  • High railway crossing
  • Dam
  • LNG base
  • Port facility
  • Seawall
  • Power plant
写真 写真
写真 写真

Environmental intiatives

DM-604RR has cleared all the standard values of specific hazardous substances* which adversely affect the environment.
Furthermore, it can be exchanged for each unit easily such as electronic circuit boards and each component unit even if new regulations are enacted.

*Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+),
Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE), Polybrominated biphenyls

Track record

DM-604R, previous model of DM-604RR, has received the "Excellence Award" at the "Manufacturing Grand Prix" of the 2017 〈Yamanashi Prefecture Industry Awards〉* in Japan.
This is greatly related to the fact that the consciousness to building safety (earthquake-proofing) is increasing year by year, such as tall constructions of the building, large-sized condominiums, improvement of transportation infrastructure.
The top share as a drilling monitor system of a base foundation will continue to work in many places in the future. We will support your life and the future from the bottom

*Deepen the motivation of companies to make a remarkable contribution to the revitalization
of regional economies,
founded in FY2009 with the objective of nurturing companies that are the core of the region.

表彰式 Award ceremony
表彰状 Certificate of commendation