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KSD-1100Class B AIS Transceiver 10.1-inch

Easy to use with a touch screen! Easy to see! Affordable!


AIS Class B

Built-in Class B AIS transceiver essential for safe navigation.

Various screen displays

AIS radar screen which is easy to get the AIS information using ring markers / Dashboard to display various data / NAVI and PLOT data management / Tide information, etc., are possible.

Video surveillance

By installing network cameras*, it is possible to monitor onboard and outboard conditions up to four screens.
*Owner supplied

Chart display

Support variety charts of C-MAP (MAX), original chart, ENC chart.
It also supports to overlay satellite images on the chart.

AIS Radar

AIS targets overlaid on the chart, variable rang rings
around own ship is shown by setting radius, it is for
user reference easily to observe AIS targets
real-time dynamic information.

Dual monitor

You can connect to a sub-monitor to display a screen different from the main screen.

Comfortable operations

Easy operation with touch screen and mouse *.
It also has a control panel. (*Owner supplied)

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Screen Image

Sailing Data
Sailing Data
AIS List
AIS List

Main Specifications

Output power2 W
Display Size and type10.1 inch Capacitive multi touch screen
Frequency156.025MHz to 162.025 MHz
Bandwidth25 kHz
Dimensions195(H) x 338(W) x 75(D)mm
Power supply10.8 VDC to 31.2 VDC
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