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KGP-915GPS / DGPS / Navigator


Bright 4.3- inch Color LCD Display

4.3- inch Color LCD Display provides larger letters and a variety of colors for high visibility even under bright sunlight.

More accurate position

72 channel parallel gives more accurate position on “Position”, “SOG”, and “COG”.

Easy numeric keypad operation

Numeric keypad helps quicker and easier operation.

Extended memory capacity

100 routes / 3,000 own ship’s trail points can be stored in.

Two data ports

Two data ports can provide custom data format, baud rate and output format.



USB memory support for quick data backup

USB memory support for quick backup of settings, waypoint, route, and ship’s trail point.

Various screen modes

6 screen modes such as Navigation, Steering,

Highway, Plotter, etc. can be selected.


Screen Image

Navigation data mode
Navigation data mode
Plotter display mode
Plotter display mode
Steering mode
Steering mode
Highway mode
Highway mode

Main Specifications

Receiving frequency1575.42 MHz ± 1MHz,
1602 MHz ± 4MHz
Receiving channelParallel 72-channel
SensitivityBetter than –148 dBm
AccuracyPosition4.2 m 2 drms (GNSS),
3.3 m 2 drms (DGNSS)
SOG0.1 kt rms
COG± 1.0°
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