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E-1072Signal Processing Platform

The E-1072 is a software reconfigurable signal processing platform designed especially for array signal processing systems. Multi-channel signals both input and output are sampled synchronously, and high-speed digitized signals are processed on FPGAs and DSPs in parallel. The architecture of the platform is highly suitable to build and develop novel communication systems like MIMO.


The Down Converter converts RF signals to baseband signals, supporting frequency in the range of 1.5 GHz to 3.8 GHz.

The Up Converter converts baseband IQ signals to RF signals, supporting frequency in the range of 1.5 GHz to 3.8 GHz.

Five FPGAs are mounted on the AD Converter and the DA Converter boards respectively, allowing high-speed input and output processing of baseband IQ signals.

Four DSPs and three FPGAs are cluster connected on the DSP board, enabling high-speed signal processing in parallel. Two SFP transceivers supporting Gigabit Ethernet/RocketIO are mounted on the board for achieving high-speed data transfer.

The AD Converter, the DA converter, and the DSP board are connected with 128-bit private data bus, achieving high-speed data transfer.

Windows® applications work on the CPU board. Data exchange can be easily implemented between the CPU board and external devices through Ethernet LAN, including software reconfiguration for downloading and rewriting on either DSP or FPGA.


Main Specifications

Number of Input Channels4 Channels (RF)
Number of Output Channels4 Channels (RF)
DSP on BoardADSP-TS201S, TS203S
FPGA on BoardVirtex-4 SX55, FX60, LX100
Host Bus FormCompact PCI bus
LAN Interface1000base-T/100base-TX
Display OutputDVI-I
Power RequirementsAC 100 V, 500 VA (50 Hz / 60 Hz)
Dimensions320(H) x 380(W) x 380(D) mm
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