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KGC-300GPS Compass

Designed for safety


IMO certified GPS Compass (THD) and GPS Navigator

Highly accurate heading, position, and speed data

Get the information you need quickly and accurately for marine activities.

Stable and fast tracking capability

Esthetically pleasing 4.3-inch high resolution Color LCD

4.3-inch Color LCD Display provides high visibility even under bright sunlight.

5 heading data output ports

SBAS (WAAS / EGNOS) enabled



Screen Image

Heading graph display1
Heading graph display1
ROT display
ROT display
Nav data display2
Nav data display2

Main Specifications

Receiving frequency1575.42 MHz ± 1MHz
Receiving channelParallel 16-channel
SensitivityBetter than –130 dBm
AccuracyPositionGPS: 10m (2drms, SA: OFF, PDOP: 3 or less)
DGPS: 3m (2drms, SA: OFF, PDOP: 3 or less)
Heading0.5° rms
Velocity1 m / sec (rms, SA: OFF, PDOP: 3 or less)
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