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SRD-303iShip's Docking Aid System - Laser Docking Ranger

This laser docking ranger measures and calculates the distance and speed of the ship approaching the berth, providing the operator on the ship with such information on the large-scale display or on the telemeter for bringing the ship alongside the berth free from danger.


Continuous and accurate measurement can be obtained even in rain or fog by short pulse laser system.

The measurement data can be stored and recalled using a hard disk.

Easy installation and maintenance.


Main Specifications

Measuring itemsRelative distance and speed of bow and stern to the berth
Measuring systemShort-pulse laser system
Measuring rangeDistance: -1 to 199 m
Speed: Within ± 99 cm/sec
(+: bearing, -: off-bearthing)
Incoming angle of vessel to the berth: Within 15°
Display systemMeasuring indicator: 15-inch color TFT LCD display
Display itemsDistance: 3 digits in increments of 1 m / 10 cm less than 10 m distance
Speed: 2 digits in increments of 1 cm/sec
Power supply100 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Operating temperature-10 to +50°C (14 to 122°F)
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