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KBG-3 DGPS Sensor

Parallel 18-channel receiver capabilities and compatibility with both beacons and SBAS (WAAS / EGNOS)

Accurate positioning
In addition to standard GPS and compensation via beacons, you can also access high precision positioning data via SBAS (WAAS / EGNOS), even when out of range of beacons. This sensor can be connected to the GTD-110/150 chart plotter, the CVG-80/200 plotter sounder or the K-Link System to enable precision DGPS navigation. The increasingly precise positioning data will help you improve safety at sea and locate fishing spots.
18-channel reception
This sensor incorporates a parallel 18-channel receiver to enable fast, accurate positioning.
Automatic station selection
This sensor contains data on every beacon station around the world, enabling it to automatically select the best beacon station at all times.
Main Specifications
KBG-3 DGPS Sensor
GPS receiver section
Receiving frequency 1575.42 MHz ± 1 MHz
Receiving channel Parallel 18-channel
Sensitivity -130 dBm
Accuracy Position GPS: 10 m (2 drms, SA=OFF, PDOP≦3)
DGPS: 5 m (2 drms, SA=OFF, PDOP≦3)
SBAS : 8 m (2 drm, SA=OFF, PDOP≦3)
Velocity 0.1 kt (rms, SA=OFF, PDOP≦3)
Beacon receiver section
Receiving frequency 283.5 to 325.0 kHz
Sensitivity 10 µV/m or less
Station selection Auto (required position information) or Manual
Beacon station data
(for automatic station selection)
Automatic beacon almanac entry, built-in station list in the world
Power supply 10.8 to 31.2 VDC
Power consumption 2.5 W or less
Data communication Asynchronous data communication with RS-422
Output data Format NMEA 0183 Ver. 2.0 (NOTE: Ver. 1.5 is available on option basis)
Data level RS-422
Output current 20 mA or less
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