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CVS-128 8.4-inch Color LCD Echo Sounder digital

Koden Digital Filtering (KDF™) to meet the demands from pleasure to fishery

Koden Digital Filtering (KDF™)
  Eliminates clutter by filtering out the noise to provide a clearer more detailed image that enhances fish targets in shallow and deep depths, making it easier to differentiate between baitfish, larger fish, schools of fish and the sea floor.
600 W or 1 kW Output Power
  The 1 kW is more suitable for detection at deeper bottom.
RGB Output to VGA Monitor
  RGB output for connecting optional external VGA monitor.
Exclusive Sona-Tone
  Identifies what’s under your boat with different sounds for fish and schools of fish.
Easy Operation
Easy access to all system functions with backlit keypad, programmable function keys, comprehensive menus, and dedicated rotary knobs for instant control of HF and LF Gain.
Store Image
  Stores up to 10 screen images in built-in memory for recall later by “one-touch”.
Fishing Hot Spot
  Leads you back to your favorite fishing hot spots or other previously saved positions in memory with input from optional GPS sensor.
Auto Function
  Digitally selects the most reliable setting for such functions as Gain, Range, and Shift.
Sunlight Viewable
  Brilliant 8.4” color LCD display with 8, 16, or 64 color levels and an anti-reflective coating for excellent readability in direct sunlight.
Easy Installation
  Sleek, waterproof (IPX5 rating) case design with built-in overhead and flush mounting for easy installation.
Main Specifications
Main functions Zoom, Auto, A-scope, Presentation colors: 64, 16, 8 colors, Store image, Fishing Hot Spot, Sona-Tone
Basic range 2.5 to 1200 Meter

10 to 3600 Feet

2.5 to 700 Fathom/ Italian Fathom
Output power (RMS) 600 W/ 1 kW
Output frequency Dual 50/200 kHz
Water protection IPX5
Dimensions 263(H) x 274(W) x 133(D) mm
Weight 3.2 kg
Power supply 10.8 to 31.2 VDC
Please contact Koden

or your nearest distributor.
CVS-128 Photo
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